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The Crew — E3 2014 UbiBlog Interview [North Amer…:


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In this smartphone photo released Monday, people run for shelter from a hailstorm in Novosibirsk, Russia, on Saturday by Nikita Dudnik

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Crossed Flag Pins USA-Bhutan

Malaysia-United States

President of the United States
George Washington
Barack Obama

Prime Minister of Malaysia
Tunku Abdul Rahman
Najib Razak

Kuala Lumpur-Washington D.C.
Kuala Lumpur-New York City

Language Malay Language English

Golf&Mike Japan

Golf&Mike Japanese now

ゴルフマイク 予備軍くうをやにひめてす

United States and Canada

North America

American Canadian

United States Canada

Country United States

Country Canada

Language English


“I will keep trying to restore the American Dream.” —President Obama in Denver on expanding opportunity for all Americans.